Thursday Presentations (by order of appearance)

Shilpa Sankaran: Developments in ZNE

Randall Higa: SoCal Edison ZNE Code Efforts

Jerine Ahmed: SoCal Edison ZNE Technical Efforts

Sean Armstrong: Fuel Switching for ZNE-- Products and Practices

Maria Diaz: Comparative Modeling of a ZNE House

Mazi Shirakh: The CEC 2016 and 2019 Code

David Hanawalt: ZNE in Traverse City

Greg Pfotenhauer: Insights into ZNE Households

Emily Higbee, Ryan Kaplan, Alex Cervantes, Maria Diaz: Modifying CBECC-Res for Thermal Storage

Michael Winkler: Redwood Community Energy Overview

Stanford Rollins: Duct Testing

Steve Glenn: Factory Built ZNE Housing

Friday Presentations

(by order of appearance)

Debra Little: Valuing ZNE in Real Estate Transactions

Shawn Intagliata and Susan Shelly: Advanced Fan Coils and Slim Ducts

Brad Liljequist: ZNE Internationally 

Neil Burger: ZNE Commercial Developments

Amy Dryden: Zero Carbon and Utility Bill Calculator for Affordable Housing

Bob Hitchner: Heat Pump Greywater Treatment

Nick Maderas: ZNE and Agriculture

Lonny Grafman: Demand Control for Grid Services

Max Hewes:Biochar for Decarbonization and No-Irrigation Landscaping

Courtney Brown and Kaileigh Vincent-Welling: Zero Irrigation Landscape Design