February 2019 ZNE Retreat Presentations

Slideshows from the latest Retreat are made available here. Check back soon for video recordings from the event.




Amy Ergerter - RMI - REALIZE Industrialized ZC Retrofits for Low-income Multifamily Buildings

Andre Saldivar - SCE - Cooking wtih Electric

Ann Edminster - Design AVEnues - Rebuilding a Community

Beth Brummitt - Brummitt Energy Associates - Lessons from ZNE Commercial Buildings

Brian Dove - Mutual Housing - All Electric Housing Development

Diane Bailey - Menlo Spark - The Role of Electric Vehicles in Reaching Zero Carbon

Diego Cuevas - Onyx Solar - Photovoltaic Glass for Buildings

Ellison Folk - SM&W LLP - Zero-Carbon Building Opportunities for Local Governments

Emily Higbee - Redwood Energy - A Fixture and Occupancy Based Method for Estimating Water Use

Greg Pfotenhauer - Build It Green - ZNE in Multifamily Housing

Jeff Engler - Wright Electric - Carbon - Free Aviation

Jimmy O'Dea - Union of Concerned Scientists - Heavy-duty Vehicles the next frontier for electrification

Martha Brook - CEC - Heat Maps with Heat Pump Included

Mikhail Haramati - CEC- Energy Efficiency Technology Research

Ram Narayanamurthy - EPRI - Building Decarbonization future grid impacts and needs


Sean Armstrong - Redwood Energy - Incremental Costs of Gas Infrastructure


Jenna Tatum - BEI - Lessons from City Efforts to Drive Building Electrification in Colder Climates

Katie Ackerly - David Baker Architects - Lessons Learned from Zero Carbon Design

Miele - Heat Pump Dryer

Panama Bartholomy - Building Decarbonization Coalition - The Roadmap to Zero Carbon

Roger Hess - Redwood Energy - Electric Fireplaces

Shawn Oram - Ecotope - Central Heat Pump Water Heating Products and Gaps