Summer 2017 ZNE Retreat Presentations

Thursday Presentations (by order of appearance)

Sean Armstrong - Electrification Strategies

Rick Chitwood - Low Power Residential Design

Rick Chitwood - Energy Feature List

Jenna Bader and Jeff Harkness - When is Electricity Cheaper and Lower GHG Polluting in a Single Family House?

Alisa Patersen - ZNE Retrofitting the Bay Area

Debra Little - Valuing ZNE in Real Estate Transactions

Emily Higbee and Redwood Energy Intern Team - Modeling DHW Tanks as Thermal Batteries

Bob Massaro  - Creating High Performance Housing …Cost Effectively - Case Studies and Challenges

Lucas Morton - Advanced Modelings Strategies with CBECC-RES

Josiah Norton - How Big of a PowerWall Do You Need?

Amy Dryden - BIG Advances

Friday Presentations

(by order of appearance)

Will Vicent and Lori Atwater - ZNE and Electrification of the SCE Grid Territory

Nehemiah Stone - Costs of Gas Infrastructure

Greg Pfotenhauer - Plug Load and Cooking Monitoring

Redwood Energy Intern Team - QII and Thermal Enclosure Checklist - An Illustrated Guide for Contractors

Clay Johnson - Improving Weak Links: Skylights, Mechanical Rooms and Crawl Spaces

Vanessa Guerra and Bryan Dove - ZNE Low Income Housing Design Brainstorm

Farhad Farahmand - ZNE Innovations at TRC

Steve Glenn with Ann Edminster - Tiny House ZNE Design Brainstorm

Dan Johnson with Ann Edminster - Tall Building ZNE Design Brainstorm

Lonny Grafman - Rainwater Harvest Engineering

Nic Maderas - Decarbonized Controlled Environment Agriculture