You're Invited to Redwood Energy's 9th

Zero Carbon Retreat!

Wednesday September 23, 2020: 10 AM - 4:30 PM PST

10:00 AM

Opening Statements
Sean Armstrong, Redwood Energy:

10:10 AM

A life of Luxury with All-Electric Appliances
Alexi Miller, Cathy Higgins & Ralph DiNola, New Buildings Institute:

10:45 AM

Zeroing in on Buildings: Updates on three leading decarbonization initiatives
Craig Tsai, GE Appliances:

11:30 AM

Replacing a Gas Water Heater with a Heat Pump Water Heater
12:00 - 1:00 PM Lunch
Brady Seals, Rocky Mountain Institute:

1:00 PM

The Health Effects from Gas Stove Pollution
Sara Erickson, Charities Housing:

1:30 PM

Costs and Savings for All-Electric Affordable Housing
Panama Bartholomy, Building Decarbonization Coalition:

2:00 PM

Reflections on the Current State of Building Decarbonization
Mad Stano, Greenlining Institute:

2:30 PM

Decarbonization Pathways to a Just Transition: Environmental Justice and Energy Equity
Jenna Bader, Redwood Energy:

3:00 PM

Best Practices in LEED Platinum for All-Electric Affordable Housing
Tom Kabat, Menlo Spark & Dylan Anderson, Redwood Energy:

3:30 PM

Techniques for Living Large and Green on Existing Electrical Panel
Maria Diaz, Redwood Energy:

4:00 PM

All Electric Low-Rise Modeling in 2019 Code

Thursday September 24, 2020: 10 AM - 4:30 PM PST

10:00 AM

Opening Statements
Tanya Barham, Community Energy Labs:

10:10 AM

From Reddy Kilowatt to Gumby Kill-a-Watt: How grid-connected, flexible, efficient, all-electric buildings can speed the adoption of renewable energy on the grid
Yehuda Fulda, Innova:

10:40 AM

A Retrofit Ready HVAC Heat Pump
Mikela Topey, Emerald Cities:

11:10 AM

Pathways to a High-Road Economy: Program Designs for All-Electric Retrofits
Shawn Oram, Ecotope:

11:40 AM

Design for Off (TM) All-Electric Case Studies
12:10 - 1:10 PM Lunch
Rebecca Hueckel, Nicki Brandi & Hannah Cantrell, Redwood Energy:

1:10 PM

Efficient Electric Cooking and Plug Load Management
Michael Gartman, Rocky Mountain Institute:

1:40 PM

Comparative Installation Costs of Heat Pump and Gas Water Heaters
Sarah Moore, City of Berkeley

2:10 PM

Electrification Updates from Berkeley
Ram Narayanamurthy, Electric Power Research Institute:

2:40 PM

Field Results of All-Electric Retrofits
Mazi Shirakh and Danny Tam, California Energy Commission:

3:10 PM

2022 Code Development Updates
Greg Pfotenhauer, Franklin Energy & Emily Higbee, Redwood Energy:

3:40 PM

Lessons Learned from a Multifamily ZNE Grant Project
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