Zero Net Energy

Zero Carbon Retreat

Join Industry Leaders As They Present Case Studies and Technical Deep Dives

Zero Carbon and Zero Net Energy

  • Electricity is cheaper--Redwood Energy shows how to break through the cost barrier

  • Researchers present the newest data on fugitive Methane emissions and true CO2 equivalency

  • Case studies in fuel switching existing buildings of all sizes and types

Tiny Houses and Big Buildings

  • Design Charrette: Help LivingHomes fuel switch their new modular tiny home line

  • Design Charrette: How tall can we build ZNE apartments in San Francisco?

Advanced Tricks of the Trade:

  • It's "open source" so...engaging and changing CBECC-RES to meet your modeling needs.

*All Organic Meals and Drinks grown by local farmers and prepared with panache

*Free Professional Massages in the sun

*Free child care

*Free housing at the Redwood Lily Guest House for speakers

*No-cost hosted bar


January 25-26, 2018
come for a micro-revolutionary two day conference, stay for a hosted weekend vacation

This Conference is Sponsored by REDWOOD ENERGY

Devoted to the All-Electric, Solar-Powered Building Type
Arcata, CA
January 25-26, 2018

Day 1 and 2: Merryman's Beach House at Moonstone Beach, followed by kayaking on the Little River, dinner, drinks, live music and reservations made for you at Cafe Mokka Hot Tubs and Saunas

Day 3 and 4: Hike in the Redwood Forest, swim in the Potowat (aka Mad) River, pick Blueberries at a local organic farm and hang out around the campfire.

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