Zero Net Energy


Redwood Retreat

July 28-31, 2016
a micro-revolutionary two day conference, then a two day vacation
Learn From Examples:
Zero Net Energy and Water, Safe and Just
Trinidad and Arcata, CA
July 28-31, 2016

Day 1: Moonstone Beach: Merryman's Beach House in Trinidad

Day 2: Redwood Forest: Native American Forum at Humboldt State University in Arcata. Drinks and Live Music at Arcata Theater Lounge.

Day 3&4: Redwood Retreat of Old Growth Redwood hikes, swimming, chartered fishing, and farm fun

All-Organic, Locally Sourced Meals and Drinks

Free Child Care

Free Nightly Live Music

Free Professional Massages on Moonstone Beach

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Join Industry Leaders As They Present Case Studies and Technical Deep Dives

Zero Net Energy

  • Profitable ZNE Case Studies from Owners and Designers of ZNE residences, commercial buildings and controlled environment agricultural facilities

  • Solar Financing Choices and Costs--Cash, PACE, PPAs

  • Fuel Switching in Retrofits for Profit

  • Building for Electric Cars and Energy Storage


Zero Net Water

  • Large Scale Residential Greywater Treatment

  • Ultra Low Irrigation Design for Fruits in the Food Deserts

Baby Safe and Elder Health

  • Organic Chemistry and Toxicology of Building Materials

  • Baby and Elder Safe Design: Safe Materials and Better Ventilation Strategies

Social Justice

  • Moving to Tenant Ownership of Solar Benefits

  • Integration Efforts in Housing Elements and Federal Funding

  • Voices of Activists: Earth First! Tree-Sitters, Organic Farmers and Indians Exercising Sovereignty


*Free child care

*Stay at the Redwood Lily Eco-Hostel, Camp at Tule Fog Farm or reserve at Arcata Stay


Ed Mazria

Edward Mazria is the co-author of the new Zero Net Carbon standard with the Rocky Mountain Institute. Ed is an internationally recognized architect, author, researcher, and educator. Over the past decade, his seminal research into the sustainability, resilience, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions of the built environment has redefined the role of architecture. He is the founder of Architecture 2030, a think tank developing real-world solutions for 21st century problems.

Cathy Higgins

Cathy Higgins has been with the nationally renowned New Buildings Institute for 16 years and serves as the Research Director, supporting their singular leadership in commercial ZNE design. Cathy is co-authoring the commercial buildings section of the new California ZNE Research Roadmap and working with UC Berkeley on radiant heating/cooling systems design in commercial retrofits.

Eric Corey Freed

Eric Freed is a leading practitioner of what Frank Lloyd Wright "organic architecture." He was recently the VP of the International Living Future Institute, has written eleven books on green architecture and ZNE design, was named "Best Green Architect" of San Francisco in 2005, serves on a dozen advisory boards, and sneaks off to do stand-up comedy when nobody is watching.

Amy Dryden

Amy Dryden is a technical lead for meeting California's ambitious GHG reduction goals by 2050. Amy has worked as a Certified Green Building Professional, a Certified GreenPoint Rater, a LEED-AP, and a HERS rater. She received a BA in Anthropology from BU and a Master in Landscape Architecture and a Master in City Planning from UC Berkeley. Build It Green is a member-supported non-profit organization promoting healthy, energy and resource-efficient building practices for green homes in California

Ann Edminster

Ann Edminster, M.Arch., is an international expert on sustainable residential construction. A principal developer of LEED for Homes, Ann authored Energy Free: Homes for a Small Planet, the award winning guide to designing and building zero-energy homes. She collaborates with building professionals, utilities, non-profits, supply chain clients, investors, public agencies, and homeowners to create leading-edge projects and advocate for zero-energy and low-carbon building solutions at all scales

Panama Bartholomy

Although Panama Bartholomy is on sabbatical in Europe, he was recently an Advisor to California Assembly Speaker John A. Perez. Prior to that, Panama served as the Deputy Director of the CEC’s Efficiency and Renewables Division. He spent four years as an advisor for Chairmen Douglas and Pfannenstiel, where he led efforts on their behalf on the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. Like Bob Massaro, he served as president of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Redwood Empire Chapter.

Stanford A Rollins

Stanford Rollins is a highly-regarded Rater for HERS, BPI and Green Point Rated who has worked the length and breadth of the state, teaching builders how to perform and certify to the highest standards.

Beckie Menton

Beckie Menton is part of the Leadership Team of Marin Clean Energy, a pioneering "Community Choice" utility in California that is buying renewable energy on behalf of customers and heavily investing in efficiency retrofits. Prior to working for MCE Beckie was employed as a Program Manager for Efficiency Efficiency in Existing Buildings and Efficiency Financing, and before that at the CPUC in Demand Management.

Debra Little

Debra Little educates Real Estate professionals for PG&E in valuation of ZNE housing as is part of the leadership team of the Net Zero Energy Coalition. She is an both an Appraiser and a Rater for the Green Point Rated program. Debra teaches across the US on valuation of high performance and ZNE home assets.

Bob Massaro

Bob Massaro is developing some of the nation's largest Net Positive single family housing communities in Napa, CA. Bob is an early-adopter LEED AP, a CA General Contractor, and holds a B.S. in Biology and a Masters in Public Health. He served as president of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Redwood Empire Chapter and on the board of directors for Sustainable Napa County and the Asthma Coalition. Bob is the CEO of the Healthy Buildings Companies.


Roger has been installing solar in Northern California since the 1970s, and is one of the most experienced solar contractors in US. His mission-driven business is dedicated to least-cost solar arrays for greatest environmental good, which has made affordable the first five Net Positive low-income apartment complexes in the U.S. in the 2012-2014 period.

John Richau

John Richau is an experienced HERS and LEED Rater with a background in installing PV arrays. He recently commissioned the nation's largest solar-powered housing projects as LEED Platinum and will share Best Practices and funny stories.

Steve Lefler

Steve Lefler is Vice President of “Modular Lifestyles, Inc.”, one of three companies that makes up the Newport Pacific “Family of Companies” based in Irvine, California. Since 2008, he has been instrumental in making the company a recognized leader in the manufactured home industry with the introduction of award winning On and Off-Grid manufactured homes that included green building materials and technologies.

Susan Shelley

Susan Shelley is the founder of Three LB Development, a business development enterprise which integrates building science thought leaders, building industry manufacturers and high performance homebuilders for collaboration in the marketplace. Susan is a trusted advisor and integral member of the Sustainable Business Development Team at St. Louis based Unico Inc.

Gwelen Paliaga

Gwelen Paliaga is a Technical Director with TRC within the Research and Emerging Solutions group, with 15 years of high performance mechanical engineering and building science research experience.Gwelen is chair of the ASHRAE Standard 216 (Ceiling fan comfort performance), voting member of 189.1 (Green Buildings), and is the immediate past chair of ASHRAE Standard 55 (Thermal Comfort). He is also Industry Chair for the Center for the Built Environment (CBE) at UC-Berkeley.

Head shot with piglet

Sean Armstrong has co-designed the largest portfolio of 100% solar powered residences in the nation, with 24,000+ hours of experience designing "Zero Net Energy" affordable housing since 2005. Sean now assists with the development of the 2017 and 2020 ZNE Energy Code. In his spare time he focuses on sustainable agriculture and has written a guide on edible landscaping, imported a rare breed of grass-fed pigs from NZ to the USA, and sponsors farmworker Tiny Houses.

Jenna Bader

Jenna Bader is a Multifamily Sustainability Consultant for Redwood Energy, Certified by BPI and BIG. She is currently authoring ZNE Building Codes for a local Energy Sovereignty project and Green Operations and Maintenance Manuals for (17) Affordable Housing Communities. Jenna piloted a successful Tenant Education Program using customized Monthly Reports at a 160-unit ZNE Affordable Housing community, and will share Best Practices.

Courtney Brown

Courtney Brown is an Environmental Science undergraduate and a lead author of the Energy Sovereignty Code of the Bear River Band. At HSU she was an student activist for social justice, environmental, and tribal empowerment through the Indians in Natural Resources, Sciences and Engineering Programs--INRSEP.

Bryan Dove

Bryan Dove has been working in affordable housing for 13 years in Massachusetts (he's runs the Boston Marathon 4 times) and California, and is now the Director of Asset Management for Mutual Housing California (MHC), an award-winning pioneer of ZNE green housing that is rapidly solarizing its entire housing stock.

Albert Rooks

Albert Rooks has worked to establish and strengthen the Passive House Standard in North America. In 2010, he founded Small Planet Supply Inc., a company that imports and distributes passive house components such as insulated siding made of cork and heat pumps that use CO2 as the refrigerant. The company currently has branch offices in Tumwater, WA and Vancouver BC.

Nick Maderas

Nick Maderas develops equipment solutions for controlled environment facilities. He is a manufactures rep for LED horticultural lighting, HVAC, and water treatment systems and provides design assistance to MEP Engineers, greenhouse manufacturers, and farmers. He works with the SCGA (Sonoma County Growers Alliance), NMGA (National Greenhouse Manufactures Association), PG&E and the CEC to develop and implement efficiency measures in the horticulture industry.

Andrew McNamara

Andrew McNamara is a national expert on vertical PV--he joined Bright Power in 2006 as its first full-time employee, became Vice President in 2008 helping to lead the company's NYC office, and now co-leads Bright Power's Oakland office. He has worked on dozens of large projects from coast-to-coast, including Via Verde – a groundbreaking 220 unit complex in the South Bronx that was recognized by the Urban Land Institute as a Global Project of the Decade for 2013.

Shawn Intagliata

Shawn Intagliata is a 36 year veteran of the HVAC industry and has owned and operated a mechanical service firm, manufacturing firm (Unico Inc.) and advised on integrated HVAC solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. Today as Director of the Unico Sustainable Business Development team, he is bringing integrated HVAC technology solutions that are supported by a unique labor force. Constant change and improvement are the goal.

Lonny Grafman

Lonny Grafman is the Chief Product Officer of Nexi, an in-home energy monitor developed with Redwood Energy that focuses on beauty and intuition instead of numbers. Lonny is also a popular Instructor of Energy and Sustainable Design at HSU; the Advisor for the epi-apocalyptic city art, Waterpod, Flock House, and Swale; the Executive Editor of IJSLE; the Founder and President of the Appropedia Foundation, sharing knowledge to build rich, sustainable lives.

Nehemiah Stone

Nehemiah Stone has worked as a lead energy consultant for CTCAC the CEC, HMG and the Benningfield Group incorporating energy efficiency and solar power into multifamily and affordable housing to benefit low-income households. He led the creation of the California Utility Allowance Calculator, a tool for valuing both energy efficiency and solar power in utility allowances. Nehemiah also helped develop the Strawbale Building Code and NFRC labeling system for windows.

Sydne Garchik

Sydne Garchik is a founding Principal of MRK Partners and specializes in deep rehabs of affordable housing, using retrofit dollars to perform fuel switching, efficiency retrofits and solar to radically reduce Owner and Tenant utility bills. Sydne works in CA and FL, and previously was a Director at Standard Property Company.

WAITE - Solar On Top

Wayne leads CHPC’s energy efficiency and solar renewable energy work throughout the state. Prior to joining CHPC, Wayne served as Vice President for Public Policy at Everyday Energy and led development of the groundbreaking Multifamily Affordable Solar Roofs Program (AB 693), which will make available $1 billion a year for ten years in Cap-and-Trade funding for the installation of PV on low-income housing. His career in HUD climaxed as the Manager of HUD’s Regional Energy and Climate Operations.

Michael Winkler

Michael Winkler is the CEA, senior HERS Rater, and LEED Rater of Redwood Energy. He is also an Arcata Councilmember and twice Mayor, which has helped him bring Community Choice Aggregation to Humboldt County. Michael built the first off-grid house in Mountain View and has a ZNE house and home office in Arcata.

Dave Baasch

Dave Baasch is an energy geek with a BA and MA in Population Ecology and Modeling from University of California, followed by 25 years in computer startups. After installing the first Energy Trust of Oregon residential PV system on his own house in 2003, he made a third career move to renewable energy. In 2007 Dave “discovered” Air-to-Water Heat Pumps and realized they could be much more cost and energy effective than solar thermal systems. He have been evangelizing them ever since.

Troy Sherman

Troy Sherman is an entrepreneur, product developer and co-founder of Evolve Technologies. He’s spent the past 10 years studying Behavioral Waste while developing technologies to mitigate it without requiring behavior changes on behalf of the user. Troy has authored multiple white papers, conducted primary and secondary research and has been invited to present insights to key water and energy efficiency constituencies including the DOE, RESNET, Build It Green, ACEEE, AESP and ACI.

Antony Kim

Antony Kim is a PhD student with a dual emphasis in Building Science and Social Factors at UC Berkeley. Antony has worked as a researcher with the Center for Resource Efficient Communities; is a Schmidt-MacArthur Fellow, and worked on power systems at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. His current research interest, lighting and circadian health, comes from his prior experience working with the Karolinska Institute in designing a lighting lounge to address seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Andre Bernal

Andre H. Bernal is an Environmental Resources Engineering graduate at Humboldt State University, and an independent contractor at Redwood Energy working on the Bear River Band Rancheria energy sovereignty project and a domestic hot water R&D project. At HSU he was an NCAA college soccer player, member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), member of the Renewable Energy Student Union (RESU), and student lead of the U.S. DOE Race To Zero student competition (ZNE Res Design).

Scott Shaffer

Scott Shaffer is the Advanced Systems Team Leader for Water & Air Products at GE Appliances. He has 8 patents granted or pending in cooking, gas, laundry, dishwashing, air conditioning and water heating products developed at GE since 1994. The Geospring air source heat pump is one of his current babies.

Eunice Romero

Eunice Romero is a senior at Humboldt State University studying environmental resources engineering and is also an algorithm analyst intern for Nexi. At HSU she is an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) student chapter, the president of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), a student lead for the ASCE Mid-Pacific wastewater treatment competition, and the tutor coordinator for the engineering department and learning center at HSU.

Greg Pfotenhauer

Greg Pfotenhauer is a 2015 HSU graduate of the Environmental Resources Engineering program. He has worked as a data analyst for Redwood Energy since 2012 and also has background in off-grid solar lighting products as a researcher under the Lighting Africa/Lighting Global program.


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